Courier Link Network

About Us

About Courier Link Network

Courier Link Network, one of the world’s leading courier company, offers tons of weekly services and call ports in vast number of countries worldwide. Courier Link Network provide container transportation through our international shipping network which combines high-quality intermodal operations with advanced technology, equipment and e-tracking.

Incorporated decades ago as Fast Courier Services Limited; the company was converted into a public limited company. Name of the Company was changed to “Courier Link Network” with effect a decade ago.

With our highly competitive transit times, reputation for service reliability and excellence and commitment to sustainable global trade, shippers the world over place their trust in us to provide them the value they need to compete in today’s global economy.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower and motivate enterprenuers in shipment of their goods globally.

Our Vision

Our vision achieve a sustainable growth in the area of serving and shipping gods globally.